ECP will help provide better care.

Improve your workflow with cutting edge
eMAR and EHR software.

What problem does it solve?

Medical Administration

ECP’s eMAR has built a strong pharmacy interface to securely and accurately update resident med details. Staff will have a simple design with advanced features for documenting and charting med pass. Record vitals, ask questions and record follow-ups with our patent-pending Rules Engine. History and output reports make it easy to quickly pull up past records, or to audit and review.

Key benefits

  • Pharmacy integration makes it easy to get resident’s orders in the system accurately and securely. Reorder from within ECP!
  • Chart the passing of meds with a highly intuitive design
  • Review and audit med records with ECP’s many history output reports and details

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Health records

ECP has a built-in assessment helping to determine levels of care and scheduled tasks for residents. You’ll be able to document cares, record vitals, monitor as needed cares and mimic your current structure on paper. History and analysis within ECP makes it easy to justify and review a resident’s record.

Key benefits

  • Built-in resident assessment determines level of care and scheduled items.
  • Care and task lists charting and documentation of care provided by staff
  • History and analysis

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ECP has been interfacing with major pharmacy software since 2008. Over time the development has led to one of the nation’s leading eMAR real-time interfaces. Advanced logics assist to classify new orders, refills, dispenses, changes and discontinues. ECP provides excellent support and training to assist in getting the pharmacy and home off the ground with eMAR.

Key benefits

  • Proven interface with all major pharmacy software
  • ECP provides 24/7 support and training to customers alleviating pharmacy workload
  • Grow customer base with marketing and sales backup from ECP

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“ECP makes it easy access all your important information. I like that I can access ECP from anywhere, even at home. Linking ECP to our pharmacy has been very helpful. We really like the ability to identify medications along with all checks and balances that ECP provides. ECP has helped us become more accountable. I highly recommend ECP to anyone looking for an electronic charting system or eMAR.”
Diane Egan-Fragoso, RN/Director