Len Hotz


Ben Hotz

Executive Vice President, Business Development

Cale Guin

Executive Vice President, Marketing

Sonja Karlson

Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations

Jeff Christiansen

Director of Product Development

Neil Schurrer

Director of Technology

Ashley Movroydis

Director of Customer Relations

Ashton Henry

Creative Director

James Baumeister

Director of Pharmacy Systems

Nancy DuPont

Senior Graphic Designer

Carly Hull

Clinical Informatics Analyst

Tamarra Stenberg

Lead Training Specialist

Rachel Zweck

Lead Training Specialist

M-Jai Harrell

Lead Support Specialist

Maggie Reilly

Senior Training & Pharmacy Specialist

Eric Walter

Senior Application Developer

Mat Landers

Application Developer

John Roemer

Application Developer

Colin FitzGerald

Reporting Services Developer

Steven Pennington

Application Developer

Kelly Movroydis

Senior Training Specialist

Catalina Perez

Support Consultant

Audrey Bornfleth

Support Consultant

Brandon McKinnell

Sales Account Executive

Will Hotz

Operations Account Executive

Bryan Bokelman

Accounts Specialist

Buddy Ney

Maintenance Technician