More efficient record keeping.
More effective care.

ECP’s Electronic Health Record (EHR), takes that fear out of going to paperless charting. Our intuitive and customizable interface helps you easily create an assessment. The assessment then create a care plan and can be used to determine the residents associated fees which may be configured by user definable levels of care. ECP’s care plan will generate a service schedule specifically designed for you and your residents. With ECP charting has never been easier!

ECP’s Electronic Health Record

User definable assessment, creates care plans, scheduling and multiple billing options.

Level of care and fees
Determine care levels, resident fees, based on points, minutes, or cost.

Care plan

Wizard creates a detailed care plan with roles, goals and updates as needs change.

Service schedule
Care and other tasks are scheduled and listed for review and access for care team with care plan detail.

Document all scheduled and PRN care, Services, Vitals and other condition updates with notes.

Review assessed needs and actual charted services to determine change of condition, reassessment and fee.