ECP Forms / Reports

At Extended Care Professional, we understand that there will be occasions where you will need to print a paper report, that’s why ECP has a¬†full set of industry standard reports at your disposal. From eMARs and TARs, to vitals reports, ECP has got you covered. Managers and directors will love the ability to print or view resident service/fee reports, employee files, or building maintenance/compliance records. Nurses will be able to quickly identify med holes, track narcotics and print reports to provide a resident’s doctor with important vital and medication information

  • Fall Report
  • Incident Report
  • Face Sheet
  • Care Plan
  • MAR – Medication
  • Administrator Record
  • TAR – Care History
  • State and County Reports
  • Free Cloud Storage of Important Documents
  • POS – Physician Order Sheet

User Definable Forms & Reports

Extended Care Professional understands that your community is unique. We know that you have spent a lot of time creating processes and forms that specifically meet the needs of your facility. That’s why ECP allows you to create your own customizable reports that dynamically create a software-based approach to the processes that you already have in place. Once you add your process/form to our system, ECP will convert your paper form into an electronic process with all the same ECP functions that you are used to like email, text or pop-up notifications.

  • Assessments
  • Pre-Assessments
  • Dietary / Nutrition Forms
  • State Forms
  • Human Resource Forms
  • Maintenance Forms
  • Compliance Forms
  • Free Cloud Storage of Important Documents

Reports on Demand

At Extended Care Professional, we know that you need to feel secure in the fact that all the important reports that you need are available no matter what. That is why we take the extra precautionary step to back up your reports for you and give you access to them via a secure alternate website. Now you can rest assured that you will never miss a beat

  • MAR – Medication Administration Report
  • TAR – Task Administration Report
  • Facesheet
  • POS – Physician Order Sheet
  • Chartable MAR Report
  • Chartable TAR Report